Describe The Writing Test Items (Objective Essay Interpretive Type)

Describe The Writing Test Items (Objective Essay Interpretive Type)-46
How could the objective be changed to make it easier to assess?Learning objectives that are broadly or vaguely defined lead to low-quality, unfocused test questions.

How could the objective be changed to make it easier to assess?Learning objectives that are broadly or vaguely defined lead to low-quality, unfocused test questions.

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In this chapter, educational standards are presented as a form of learning objective, which identify the goals or purposes of instruction.

Here’s a simplified example of a learning objective for this chapter: write and critique test items. Can you describe why it would be challenging to assess proficiency or competency for this objective?

You’ll have to take the available information and identify, to the best of your ability, what the test purpose is.

Here are some verbs to look for: assess, test, and measure (obviously), but also describe, select, identify, examine, and gauge, to name a few. This description comes from the technical manual for the 2011 California Standards Test, which is part of what was formerly known as the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program for the state of California (see

Note how test purpose and validity are closely linked.

Construction of a valid test begins with a test purpose.These are generic definitions of validity that apply to any type of educational or psychological measure.In this chapter we focus first on cognitive tests, where the purpose of the test is to produce scores that can inform decision making in terms of aptitude and achievement, presumably of students.defining what content/skills/knowledge/information/etc. must be covered by schools in the core subject areas.The standards specify what a student should know and be able to do after their educational experience.So, we need to define validity in terms of these more specific test uses.Let’s use a midterm exam from an introductory measurement course as an example.A total of 38 CSTs form the cornerstone of the STAR program.The CSTs, given in English, are designed to show how well students in grades two through eleven are performing with respect to California’s content standards.You need to be able to identify the three components of a test purpose, both when presented with a well defined purpose, and when presented with a general description of a test.Later in the course you’ll be reviewing information from test reviews and technical documentation which may or may not include clear definitions of test purpose.


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