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All the Disney parks have used the same basic model but each one has slight differences related to the local culture and environment.Therefore, customers’ acceptance is various in each Disney park (Hansen, no date).Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) under Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, supranational culture is a degree which reflects how people face an unpredictable situation.

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The idea was applied in American’s culture which is creative and comfortable to uncertain future as we can see from the chart above, low UAI.

Tomorrowland is one of the main theme parks in Walt Disney World and all the other Disney parks except Disneyland Paris.

Therefore, the time period of Fastpass is 30 minutes for rides in Disneyland Paris; usually it is set for one hour in other Disney parks.

If the time is not given specifically, the French may become annoyed and worry when the best time is to go back.117px-Fastpass_peter_pan_2007(Deutsch Wikipedia, no date) 2.2 Rituals " Meal Ritual is a series of meaningful behaviours which happen again and again in a specific situation and symbolize a culture.

On the other hand, low UAI means that people are used to an unclear and chaotic environment.

In other words, they are more creative and interested in innovation and an uncertain future.

(Solomon, 2013) National Heritage as a national culture is a consciousness that people support their own country and their extraordinary history.

To defend a unique culture, people who have a strong national identity only buy their own products, protest against the entry of other countries’ enterprise into their land, and so on.

1.3 Report scope This essay will assess the influence of three different cultural aspects - supranational culture, national culture, and rituals - on Disneyland® marketing activities between the United States (Walt Disney World) and France (Disneyland Paris) by studying books, published articles and internet websites.

In the second part, this report will focus on the effect of a consumer behaviour aspect, motivation and value, on the marketing strategies of Disneyland®, France in particular will be analyzed.


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