Dissertation Outline Format

The main purpose of a proposal paper is to showcase to your supervisor or members of dissertation committee that your dissertation research will add value to existing knowledge in your area of study.

Although the exact structure of a dissertation proposal may vary depending on your academic level, academic subject and size of the paper; the contents and structure will remain pretty much the same.

Having a map indicating when each task will be done and the objectives each intends to achieve by then.

The time frame can be in terms of years ranging from 3 to 6 depending on the study module of the student.

A dissertation proposal is a reflection of the final paper that will be presented to the committee.

Formulation of good questions should be factored in a clear and convincing manner.

It might further be defined as the paper before the main paper which gives some of the most important initial steps for a student who is either pursuing a masters or Ph. How to write a dissertation proposal is very important because it serves several purposes such as persuading the university senate that the document will indeed be based on a worthy topic besides providing answers to critical questions.

Additionally, one’s scholarly proficiency can as well be demonstrated via his or her ability to draft a good dissertation proposal.

To achieve all these, the following are required of the writer: This is basically the topic of the research which should be structured in a way that it has both the independent and dependent variables.

The importance of the variables in a topic is that they will give the writer a wider approach in terms of how they will think.


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