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His "Dead Again" hurtled headlong into the juiciness of the murder-and-reincarnation genre.

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Much Ado is of the comedy genre as it contains humorous scenes and ends happily, however the play Prose predominates in comedy and where a conversational rather than an emotional or imaginative effect if desired, this strengthens the argument that Much Ado is a comedy.

Shakespeare wrote the play mostly in prose form except for scenes of extreme emotion and feeling, "could she here deny…thou wouldst not quickly die" as when Hero's unfaithfulness was enlightened at the church to Leonato.

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"This play we must call a comedy, tho' some of the incidents and discourses are more in a tragic strain; and that of the accusation of Hero is too shocking for either tragedy or comedy" (Charles Gildon 1714) How far do you accept this comment about the play's events and language?

While Benedick and Beatrice do their best to assure that they will never become a couple, the scheming Don John plots to destroy the love that has bloomed for Claudio and Hero.

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His evil plan involves the use of impostors to convince Claudio that Hero is a wanton woman, unfaithful to him with any man who comes to hand.

One of Shakespeare's characters made of low comedy and burlesque, Dogberry here becomes a recycled grotesque modeled on Keaton's performance in "Beetlejuice." Does the approach work?

Probably not as Shakespeare, because it seems to come from another universe than the one inhabited by the other characters in the play.

A play like "Much Ado About Nothing" is all about style.

I doubt if Shakespeare's audiences at the Globe took it any more seriously than we do.


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