Education For All In Pakistan Essay

As a percent of GDP, Pakistan’s allocation for education was just over 2.5% for the year 2018-19.

Due to this low budget, the government has to rely on foreign aid or grants to support educational programs, which creates much room for embezzlements.

24 million children, mostly girls, are out of school and much more languish in dismal classrooms at the mercy of untrained teachers.

The Citizens Foundation was founded in 1995 as a response to this crisis and embarked on an audacious journey to educate Pakistan’s most disadvantaged children.

3- Low Budget Allocation: The budget allocation in Pakistan has always been incredibly low as compared to the allocation of other sectors such as defense or health.

Pakistan spends way less on education than the other countries of the world.For instance, USAID and UN programs have pumped billions of dollars in Pakistan to support education initiatives but Pakistan has little to show for it, since most of the money received gets wasted through corruption.4- Lack of Government interest: Government hardly ever shows commitment towards fighting corruption in education.Unless, the government becomes serious in tackling the root causes of corruption and coming at them with full force, the problem will persist and with time corruption will only increase, resulting in a further decline in the quality of education as well as literacy rate in Pakistan.In Pakistan, the literacy rate stands at a meager 55%, one of the lowest in the world.The quality of education in Pakistan has been declining for some time now, and it appears that all of the factors responsible for its loathsome condition stem from corruption!Our literacy rate has gone down from 60% to 58%, while the number of children out of school in Pakistan is second only to Nigeria.There seems to be a lack of political will on the government’s part.5- Obsolete examination system: The system by which examinations are conducted at the primary and secondary level is such that, it paves way for corruption.On top of that, many a times they are not paid on time, months in a row forcing them to come out on streets protesting to get their salaries.As a result, many government teachers resort to illicit activities such as revealing the paper to students ahead of the examinations, which accounts for corruption.


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