Effective Group Leadership Skills

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Closely related to the latter is the notion of ‘purpose’; stated simply ‘what we are doing this job for.’ When the point of the exercise is shared, people can become collaborators, offering insights of their own. ’ becomes ‘Climb that hill so we can get a better view of the river’.When people see a point to their efforts, the work itself may become more meaningful.

Closely related to the latter is the notion of ‘purpose’; stated simply ‘what we are doing this job for.’ When the point of the exercise is shared, people can become collaborators, offering insights of their own. ’ becomes ‘Climb that hill so we can get a better view of the river’.

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Administering a strategy is central to this view of management.

Later studies of management, which looked at the behaviours of those in managerial roles, distinguished between ‘managing tasks’ and ‘managing people’, and acknowledged that influencing people to achieve objectives (leadership) was part of a manager’s role.

In times of great change and uncertainty, effective leadership becomes even more vital to ensure that everyone in the organisation is driven by a common goal.

However, it’s difficult to define a universal set of leadership behaviours that guarantee such a shared purpose.

Secondly, they need to ensure that leaders at all levels in an organisation receive adequate training to deliver on their objectives.

Finally, through organisational design and development, they should align organisational systems and structures to support managers and employees in deploying their leadership capability.

The idea of management that evolved in the nineteenth century, and was later developed into theories by FW Taylor, was largely based on the military principles of command and control.

Managing was, and to some extent still is, about the planning, organisation, co-ordination and implementation of strategies, tactics and policies imposed from the top in an apparently rational manner.

The trap that many people fall in to is to default to a favourite approach and apply the wrong approach for the moment.

Different leadership qualities may be needed in different circumstances.


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