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Arendt posited that they are “autonomous;” that is: “they cannot be derived from each other and …

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They do, however, share “their Following this definition, Arendt posited that the imagination “re-presents” in the mind the images of objects once perceived by the senses but no longer present to them.In Arendt’s thinking, the state of exception assumed a specific form. As such, it became a defining problematic of her oeuvre.Arendt analyzed it most systematically in , was inspired by Eichmann’s trial.As a philosophical problem, however, that concept is not a novelty.Agamben himself demonstrated that it has a long genealogy, stretching back to Roman Antiquity.More specifically, I focus on a key aspect of that understanding: Arendt’s thinking on the fate of the individual’s morality in this exceptional time of crisis.Confronted with “the crisis of [her] century,” Arendt considered the possibility of morality in it. I argue, however, that a crucial tension in her work—between her philosophical thought and her historiography—dissipated that hope.Warning against temptations to divide selves into a “personal” moral self and a compartmentalized “organisational self,” she prescribed ways of thinking and judging to counteract thoughtless evil‐doing. (2012), "Beyond the banality of evil: conscience, imagination and responsibility", Journal of Management Development, Vol. , revealed an all too real defense against evil: human judgment.But, paradoxically, the model of judgment that she sketched in her philosophy of mind denied the survival of judgment under the historical conditions of Nazism, transforming its existence into a mysterious puzzle.This essay thus argues that Arendt’s philosophical thinking—her conceptions of thinking and of judgment—clashed with her understanding of the history of Nazism, and this conflict disorganized her views on morality in the time of this, the greatest political and historical crisis of the modern West. Attacks in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Manchester, London, have made it an everyday reality.


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