Employee Morale Motivation Research Paper

Also arrange for the event to take place on non-work hours.If you have questions about whether a particular event will expose your business to liability, consult an attorney.

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Even though personal satisfaction will come from meeting a predetermined goal, it is always more meaningful if someone else is there to share the success.

Workers are usually not averse to putting out an extra effort when the business needs help in overcoming a problem or meeting a production deadline.

Recognize that the way in which praise is delivered may not always produce the results hoped for.

Some employees are shy and may feel self-conscious about a big show of appreciation.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .If this is the case, you need to determine which aspects of your workplace are creating the dissatisfaction with the job and find ways to remedy them.Even if you don't have a low morale problem, you may want to jump-start your workforce into higher levels of productivity.Being proactive in this area makes good business sense.So whether your employees are disgruntled or not, you should check out these strategies to see how you can make their work lives more satisfying and productive: Every employer's dream is to have employees who care as deeply for the success of the business as they would if the business were their own.Many people believe that work performance is a reflection of how employees feel about themselves and their work.If an employee is proud of the job that he or she does, the work quality will reflect that.Employees who have bad self-images are more likely to exhibit those negative feelings in their work. There are an infinite number of ways, depending on the employee and the means at your disposal.Some ways are as simple as recognition; a simple thank you or a reward for a job well done.While you may never get employees to care that much, you can build a sense that what's good for the business is good for them.Here are some steps to building that type of commitment and involvement: Be sure to protect yourself from workers' compensation liability by making the event completely voluntary.


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