English Is My Second Language Essay

If one is interested in taking advantage of our shrinking planet, and using these new technologies to acquire information then I would recommend learning English as a second language.For the time being at least, I believe English is the language that doors to information and opportunities.Much of the anxiety that I see in foreign students could be avoided if certain principles of writing good English—which nobody ever told them—were explained in advance. We grow up immersed in the cadences and sentence structure of the language we were born into, so we think, “That’s probably what every country considers good writing; they just use different words.” If only!

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Not only has air travel reduced the time it takes to get from one country to another, but the internet has also served to shrink our planet.

With new technology like email, Skype and Facebook bridging people together in spite of how far apart they may be, it is more likely than ever that a person will need to speak a second language.

The Spanish language is a national treasure, justly prized by Spanish-speaking people.

But what makes it a national treasure is its long sentences and melodious long nouns that express a general idea.

What’s considered “good writing” in Spanish is not “good writing” in English.

So what is good English—the language we’re here today to wrestle with?

I never made it to Bhutan or Korea, but I did see the wedding pictures. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to learn to write comfortably in a second—or third or fourth—language.

I don’t think could do it, and I admire your grace in taking on that difficult task. We all know what’s considered “good writing” in our own country.

” I was trying to put myself into her mental process of switching from Arabic to English.

She said, “It’s all adjectives.” Well, of course it’s not adjectives, but I knew what she meant: it’s decorative, it’s ornate, it’s intentionally pleasing.


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