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The most important of these virtues is the protein-digesting enzyme in the milky juice or latex.

The enzyme is similar to pepsin in its digestive action and is said to be so powerful that it can digest 200 times its own weight in protein.

Will anyone look at these photographs in future years?

If my sons look at them, what will they think of us and of themselves?

She learnt that some pictures always (d) _________in one’s mind without a camera. Ah, it is too much, too much.’ (a) Who speaks these lines? (1) (b) Why does the speaker say they will have nothing left? (1) (a) In what sense are men and women merely players on the stage of life?

Papaya is the healthiest fruit with a list of properties that is long and exhaustive. (b) ‘Corporal Turnbull was a young man, but he was not a man to be trifled with’. (c) “And another thing I call rotten is you having kept it from me all this time that you were ‘Young Porky,’ pa”. (d) What did the poet do in earlier days that has led to tooth decay?

The two men I loved gradually grew smaller until all I could see were my father’s red shirt, and the tan and blue caps on their heads.

l My father died a week later, and suddenly those photos became priceless to me. I wept again afterwards when I saw my younger son looking at them. He had taken all our albums down from the bookshelves in the den and spread them out on the carpet.

It assists the body in assimilating the maximum nutritional value from food to provide energy and body-building materials.

Papain in raw papaya makes up for the deficiency of gastric juice and fights excess of unhealthy mucus in the stomach, dyspepsia and intestinal irritation.


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