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When someone ask me who Christopher Columbus is, I identify him as a man who explored. He is a hero because he found the Americas for the Old World (consisting of Africa, Europe, and Asia.) This discovery allowed for more trade between the two very different lands.The Portuguese explorers found that it would be quite easy to do this by sailing.

She was a Portuguese noblewomen from Porto Santo Island, in Madeira Portugal.

The two of them got married in 1479 and they would soon have a kid.

At the end of the 15th century, it was very near impossible to reach Asia from Europe by land.

If you tried to take this trip, you would encounter a lot of hostile armies that were hard to get around.

People also believe that he is the first person to find the Americas.

He was born in Genoa, Italy and was known for his exploring across the Atlantic.This is where he began studying and finding out what he would do for his future.He was in Lisbon, and this is when he began studying mathematics, astronomy, cartography and navigation.Columbus's discovery lead to trade, and this allowed people to learn about and see new things for the first time in their lives.The first Conquest of the Americas was when Columbus took over the land of the Tainos.He not only thought that this trip would be possible but ratherly quite easy.He showed his plan to the Portugal and English officials and it wasn’t until 1491 when he finally got an audience and recognition.Diego Columbus was their child and he was a navigator just like his father.Again just like his father, he was very successful in life as he was the 2nd Admiral of the Indies, 2nd Viceroy of the Indies and 4th Governor of the Indies as a vassal to the Kings of Castile and Aragon.On the other hand, he is a villain for treating the Natives ruthlessly, and for abusing them.Columbus is a hero because he discovered the Americas for the Old World and allowed the two "worlds" to meet.


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