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Euthanasia, as defined by the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs for the American Medical Association, is when a physician performs the immediate life-ending action, often by administering a lethal injection.During assisted suicide, a physician provides a prescription and information about the lethal dose of the prescription, all the while aware that the patient is intending to commit suicide.

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The right to die means that the terminally ill person has the right to refuse further treatment.

Physicians and nurses working with terminally ill patients and must deal with the conflicting ideas of ethics, medicine, and their own moral views on the topic of assisted suicide.

While a physician is obligated to respect a patient’s decision, a physician is not required to provide a treatment that is not medically sound.

Assisted suicide may be deemed as medically unsound; however, certain situations can be extremely complicated and when the patient does not consider death to be an undesirable outcome it can make the decision for physician-assisted suicide medically sound.

He was a remarkably generous, intelligent, loving person. The pain is so unbearable at times, so unremitting. It is “a community of people that have a truly broadened perspective on the human experience,” she wrote.

He was an incredible father, beloved by his boys,” Feldstein continued. Yet, in addition to the deluge of feelings leaking out of me at all times, I have found the process of grief (because it is and will always be a process, never finished, never concluded) to be just as resonant in my mind as it is in my heart.” The essay takes its title from a metaphor that Feldstein has tapped into as a way to process her new perspectives: that grief put a pair of “glasses” on her emotions and experiences, one she can never take off. “And if you are also in the club, know you are not alone, because I am also a begrudging member.

Human rights are not a matter of public opinion, and when they are they can become weakened.

Does a mentally competent adult with a terminal illness have the right to choose to end their life painlessly and quickly, when no other option is available besides life-sustaining therapies?

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