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Transforming the bureaucracy into something more like a large startup business, hungry to expand, yielded dramatic results.

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The billionaire “conference king” walked with a swagger, chomped on cigars and knew how to please officials.

Hefty contracts rolled his way, including one to develop a landmark in the suburbs of Chengdu, a city of 14m in south-western China.

Many lived by timeless rural rhythms, sowing rice in the spring and harvesting green stalks in the autumn. Chengdu officials ordered the people of Yumin to relocate to high-rise housing a short drive away.

It offered each one 35 square metres (377 square feet) of floor space and as much as 8,000 yuan (then $1,000), or two years’ income.

Bush discusses jobs and the economy at the Timken Company in Canton, Ohio, April 24, 2003.

In the following month, the President signed the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003.Mr Deng has been released and is back in business, declaring last summer that he had a clean slate. It was bought by an arm of the state—a transaction that regulators are probing for financial irregularities.From one angle the world’s biggest building seems to be thriving; from another it is once again under a cloud.But the Communist Party was divided on the critical issue of how to build the roads, homes and factories that it sorely needed—how, in the jargon of economists, to accumulate the physical capital that fuels growth.It was only in the 1990s that China settled on a model that has, in many respects, persisted to this day.At the other end is the conviction that a crash is inevitable.The trade war with America has achieved the improbable feat of bringing these views together, reflecting both a fear that China must be confronted before it is too strong and a desire to hasten its collapse.Razed of the last vestiges of its former life—narrow lanes, rice paddies, cheap bungalows—Yumin village was renamed 92 (211/252), an 80-hectare (200-acre) land parcel to the city’s south.In September 2008, it was sold for 480m yuan to Mr Deng’s company, the Exhibition and Travel Group. She knows the compensation she received was paltry. Her new home has better plumbing and sturdier walls.This, the New Century Global Centre, was to be his crowning accomplishment, the world’s largest structure by floor space, the size of 246 football fields, or nearly three Pentagons or eight Louvres.But then he was gone, swept up in a corruption investigation just before the building’s doors opened in 2013.


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