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According to him, Communication forms one of the three primary elements of an organization, the common goals and willingness to serve customers beings the other two elements.

Communication links the number of the members of an organization with organization’s goal and facilitates and enhances cooperative action among the individual and department of the organization.

In a survey of 480 companies and organizations conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and published in the Wall Street Journal, effective communication ability ranked first among the desirable personal qualities of future employees. The point of these examples is that honing your communication skills should be a priority for you as you seek to advance in the workplace.

Although many articles and books have dealt with interpersonal and organizational communication, most of them are not based on systematic research findings.

However, the “Real Managers Study” (conducted by Fed Luthan, Richard M. Rosenkrantz) is based on original research in communication.

The researches observe managers at work in various organizational setting and also studies the self reports submitted by them to understand the process of communication in organization.

They developed the managerial communication model to explain the different style of communication used by the managers and to provide a framework for understanding how managers communicate in organization.

In formal organizations, the design of communication channels is based on the assumption that all the divisions and departments are self contained and do not facilitate communication among employees at the same level.

We already know that communication is a big part of our daily existence. In a national survey of 1000 human resource managers, oral communication skills are identified as valuable for both obtaining employment and successful job performance.

Even when we don’t want to communicate, the very actions we take not to communicate such as being quiet in meetings, avoiding people, declining to respond to emails or give feedback, communicate something about us. reference: Winsor, et al., 1997 In yet another survey, executives in Fortune 500 companies indicate that college students need better communication skills, as well as the ability to work in teams and with people from diverse backgrounds (Association Trends, 1997).


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