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I went to seven different cities, and six different countries in the span of three weeks.

I have seen sights and eat food that most people have only seen on the internet or in their dreams. I may write a separate post on how I was able to do all that during my time abroad. My parents came to visit me two weeks ago and I was able to show them around with no problem.

I flew to Rome the weekend before my birthday and I had an amazing time with my Cornell friends. I mustered up the courage to plan a dinner for myself on my birthday even though it was on a Tuesday.

You can watch my adventures in Rome and my birthday celebration here: https:// I also paid for a makeover and photoshoot the morning of with one of my friend who was also studying abroad in London.

It was worth the new British and American friends, some of which I can consider family. I finally feel like London is home, well a third home (after NYC and after Cornell you know).

There are still places I want to go in London on my to-do list and hopefully, I can visit them before I leave.

In March, I would have thought I made the wrong decision, but as I finish typing this post now on today, May 31 birthday ideas.

I stumbled upon several vouchers for a makeover and photoshoot in London and they were all pretty cheap. I did the £24 one at Hello Gorgeous Studios in West Croydon because the salons that had the cheaper deals had no availability on my birthday.

It was worth the money spent, the short periods of loneliness, the pictures, the bellies full of food.

It was worth the annoying essays and passport stamps.


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