Essay About Someone Rescuing A Drowning Man

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I also got sentimental and hugged the boy with tearful eyes as if he was my own brother.

I returned home with a sense of contentment on my face.

We talked about the energy our loved ones spend to shield us, to protect us from their pain at the times when they are most in need of having someone take them by the hand and lead them to the shore.

We talked about this issue of how to be there for, and with, someone who was hurting, drowning.

A big crowd had gathered in between and all were patting on my back.

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The boy’s parents, who were at the edge of losing their son, embraced me with tears in their eyes.Ringer said he tried to get to the dock, but couldn't since he was swimming against the current."I took my shoes off and ripped my hoodie,” Ringer said.“I got 75 percent across, but because the water was cold I started to cramp up in my legs."The 24-year-old said he started to feel like he wasn’t going to make it, and so he stopped swimming."I rolled over on my back and I closed my eyes and said a prayer to God asking him to help me somehow," Ringer said.Ringer said he couldn’t be more grateful for the animal’s help."I went home and kissed my babies," he said. I am very fond of taking bath in rivers or canals and very often go for these purposes, sometimes with my friends and sometimes alone.I know him to be a loving father, a caring husband, one whose face glows when he speaks about his children. He shared with me the difficult news that his own daughter had gone through some of the same challenges I had.We spent the rest of the time discussing how we can best be there for the people we love.A South Carolina man has a dog to thank for saving his life.Mason Ringer said he was on a lunch break with his friends when the group decided to briefly go out in a boat on the Okatie River, but things took dangerous a turn when their boat capsized."One of the guys went to stand up to change his position in the boat, and the wind came and the boat flipped over and put all of us in the water," Ringer told Inside Unfortunately the boy did not know swimming and within seconds he started drowning. The boy’s life was in danger and the gravity of the situation demanded immediate action. Therefore without thinking much, I at once jumped into the river water.I swam as fast as I could and soon I reached the boy.


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