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It teaches you how to work in groups as well as individually, driving you to achieve your best.

Dance in relation to curriculum helps teachers and students work cooperatively together in an educational yet creative setting.

We’ve all seen the data suggesting students who take art classes have higher SAT scores.

It is an argument used often to defend our place on the educational landscape. They should be an important element in any well-rounded education.

These habits of mind provide art educators with a strong framework outlining the unique skills developed in art class.

These habits include the ability to: These habits transfer to many other areas of school and life. Critical thinking and problem-solving are alive and well in the art room.Advantages of the Fine Arts in Education As previously stated, the fine arts in relation to education are broken up into four categories: dance, theater/drama, music, and visual arts.Each of these areas provides the student different advantages which can be implemented into all other academic classes.Students who take art classes may already be high achievers.Or perhaps students with lower GPAs are not taking art classes because their schedule is filled with remedial academic classes.“Recent studies prove that integrating the arts into education enhances a student's development and performance. Dance The main evaluation that teachers use to assess students in fine art classes in school is performance-based tests.Students learning through the arts are more able to think at a higher level, collaborate with their peers, and score higher on standardized tests” (AATE, 2003). “Dance in education uses dance to help students understand basic concepts taught in other mainstream subjects . These tests vary from each area, and judge different aspects within the discipline. It transforms images, ideas, and feelings into sequences that are personally and socially significant.“Kids who take art classes receive higher standardized test scores.” “Art students have higher GPAs than students who do not take any art classes.” These are common arguments for the importance of art classes. The importance of art education does not lie in its ability to raise test scores.A correlation means there is a connection between two things. Just because there is a connection (correlation) between art classes and test scores, it does not mean the arts are the cause of the increased scores (causation).In all areas of fine arts, performance-based tests require the student to physically demonstrate his or her abilities to the instructor. Dance organizes physical energy within time and space, and may draw from the power of music, literature, drama, and the visual arts.It is a natural means of communication and expression that integrates movement, feeling, and intellect” (Ministry of Education, 1998).


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