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However, during 19th century, Wordsworth published a collection of sonnets blasting what he assumed as the decadent material cynicism of the time.

However, during 19th century, Wordsworth published a collection of sonnets blasting what he assumed as the decadent material cynicism of the time.

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The author is familiar with the prospective of humanity’s powers, nevertheless, fears it is clouded by the notion of spending and getting.” The “sordid boon” we have “given our hearts” is the materialistic progress of humanity.

Different from the society, Wordsworth does not view nature as a product.

Therefore, compares the beauty of God, as well as the gorgeous bounty of his world to fire, astonishing existence that warms and entices those nearby.

Wordsworth further uses Imagery, “and are up gathered now like sleeping flowers,” Sleeping flowers indicates that man is numb, as well as, in a way dead and naive of the magnificence and supremacy of the natural world.

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