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In the rest of the lesson we did our plan for our 1st peice of coursework.

How do you finish the day after returning from college?

Period 3, I had to go to a meeting regarding my EPQ which lasted roughly 0.5 minutes because the teacher just gave me my form back and told me to go I dislike short days, they seem pointless on the whole.

I'd rather have a full day in college with a few frees inbetween, so I actually learn lots. How do you finish the day after returning from college? Get home from that and try to finish more homework.

I then went and got a can of cherry coke and headed up to my next lesson.

Lesson three, 12-1, was biology, it was quite good, my teachers become obsessed with these new 'reward card' things, I learnt about lungs!

Year of Study: AS year (1st) in college Subjects of Study: Psychology, Sociology, English Lit and Biology Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I get up at 6am, actually thats a lie, my alarm goes of at 6, i wake up at 6.27 (sounds strange but my alarm goes of in snoozes of 9 min intervals)... First Lesson I had Psychology which is 9-10.30, the longest lesson of the day- we just worked on our assignment thats in in a couple of weeks, was alright.

I then get up and get ready, normally fall in my wardrobe whilst trying to find something to wear, I then put all my books in my bag, eat some breakfast, and leave for the bus at 7.28- the bus then comes at 7.35, I get in to town for 8.35 and walk to college which takes twentyish minutes, normally get there for 10/5 to 9. Second lesson 10.45-11.45- I had a free this lesson, from 10.45-11.30 I went to the library and did my sociology homework that is in tommorow so I didnt have to do it tonight, good times.

) I usually look over my notes and review other material when I am on the bus to College. :) A bit different for Monday Mornings as I am off site for my French Lesson So what did you do today? After that I wen t to the Local Library to eat my lunch and type this up.

I then had French at the local sixth form , went Home and then to my Police Cadets Meeting.


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