Essay Father Model Role

He always tells us that if I order for people to respect us we have to respect them at all times.

To him having good morals is really important because not only does it make us do the right thing but also they will help us succeed in life.

Within him, the ones he most cares about is his family his children.

He is a father that everyone time he feels that his children need advice about life and also doesn’t doubt in giving us advice.

But what got my dad to where he is today was not from being lazy by no means but working hard and driving himself to become something better than what he was and to achieve his dreams.

My father doesn’t only give advice about having a good future but also about morals.

He needs to be a problem solver, playmate, provider, preparer, and he has to have principles. Children who have fathers who are involved in their lives, whether the children are biological, adopted, or step children, have a better chance of excelling socially, emotionally, and academically.

However, if there is no way of obtaining a father figure for a child, mentoring programs are definitely great places for a child to learn about relationships, principles and morals, discipline, and trust.

A father is someone who protects, loves, supports and raises his children, whether they are biologically related or not.

Every single person living on the Earth has a biological father.


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