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Mass media nominally does have liberal bias but in reality it is an illusion to make the audience feel safe while watching TV, reading newspapers and listening to the radio.The owners of the mass media companies have their own motives to cover the news in a specific way or from the side they are interested in.The nation sees and hears only what the mass media owners want it to perceive.

Thus, the contemporary culture becomes vulnerable to the overwhelming impact of mass media which mirror new trends, norms and cultural values.

Mass media, or media, according to dictionary definition, includes the newspaper, telivisoin, and readio which are used to communicate with the mass of the people.

The Impact of the Media on Diplomacy This 11 page paper considers the impact of the mass media on diplomacy, and looks at incidences that include the Gulf War and the war in Kosovo and how the media has shaped public perspectives and diplomacy.

In addition, the inherent goodness and/or badness of technology is examined in relation to the electronic mass media. The Electronic Media, Our Body Image, and Violence This 4 page paper contends that the media can shape us in sometimes negative ways. : Advantages of Electronically Formatted Media A 7 page contention that although books are a mainstay of both our academic and our personal lives, serving to enlighten us and to entertain us, they are quickly becoming an antiquity.

Mass Media, Cultural Studies This 3 page overview of mass media cultural studies summarizes the influenced of its most influential theorists, which are Hoggart, Williams, E. The author describes the distinctions between the Kidder approach to ethics and the Potter Box.

This paper also considers the recent actions by Jesse Jackson to gain the release of 3 American servicemen and the roll that the media played in this diplomatic effort. Considerations in Journalism A 6 page investigation of some of ethical and technological considerations in journalism.Do journalists, news producers and all the mass media representatives choose themselves the event they will report and the material they will cover?The reality says that the liberal bias of the mass media is nothing more than a myth.However, it can influence the public opinion in different ways depending on who is the manipulator and what is the objective.Very often the mass media is a tool, both more influential and more malleable than anything previously used for impacting people and changing certain modes of belief within society especially in the political campaigns.And it is rather dangerous, as the major part of the population consider the mass media to be independent and impartial.Thus people have to be vigilant because instead of merely helping us to live more efficient and healthy lives, the media almost takes our decisions for us and despite our personal preferences.We shouldn’t take the information in all good faith and ask themselves to look for other, different opinions and evaluate those facts by their own rather than blindly believe in media’s version of the truth.The mass media should only be a mirror that reflects the reality without pinning any labels (and that is a challenge for the conscious journalists). There are people who tend to look back into their past so often that they don’t have time to enjoy the present; others live in their dreams of future. The standpoint that father is not so important for a… Loud cries, doors banging, feet hammering quickly downstairs.To my mind, the both groups of people are missing the most important period of time – the present, which is where they live, what they… A typical scene: my fourteen-year-old next door neighbor is having a row with her father.Father’s Role in Child’s Upbringing It was always well-known that father is an important and very influential person for everyone, although in the past his role was often underestimated. This happens every day and the reason is not that the father and the daughter do not get along well – they deeply love each other.


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