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Most of my adult life has been in California and Nevada, but I also traveled around the world to Europe and India after graduating college.Then in my mid-40s, my life slowly started to unravel.Two years later, and I’m living out of my car in search of a home.

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I divorced my husband, and three remaining family members who were very dear to me all passed away, shrinking my safety net.

I got rear-ended by a car and developed fibromyalgia.

He would threaten me, call me names, and physically block me from going to the bathroom late at night to intimidate me in his drunken state.

When I could no longer take his threats, I started calling the police on him at least once a week.

Everywhere in our country, people are having a hard time finding affordable places to live.

The housing crash and its chilling effect on mortgage lending have hit the poor the hardest.

And it feels like time is running out — my dog and I need a home as soon as possible.

The first time the police found me, I had fallen asleep in a school parking lot.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get maybe six hours of shuteye, but usually it’s a lot less. A combination of slow economic recovery from the recession and an aging baby boomer population has contributed to the rise of the 51 and older homeless population.

The fear of police or someone else finding me makes me nervous. I feel groggy, low energy, and my legs and feet get swollen and stiff. The percentage has spiked by almost 10 points since 2007 — in 2014, the 51-and-older group represented nearly a third of the national homeless population.


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