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[View Manuscript Finding Aid] The collection was created and maintained by Wilbur F. As such, the association papers reflect his activities. Piper produced the association's newsletter, alerted members of upcoming events and informed the membership of the annual meetings. The reunion association was not continued after his death. The major feature of this collection is his diary kept from October to December of 1863. There are over 300 letters written by his mother, Susan (Howell) Adams, and his father. A few of the land records involve other family members such as H. Penelope Johnson Allen (1886-1985) Papers, 1898-1984. Allen), photographs, printed materials, sketches, special subjects, writings and several miscellaneous items. The American Camping Association was nationally organized in 1912. Army Corps of Engineers beginning with entry in World War II in 1941, ending with Burress' participation in the Army Reserve. Butler (1855-1926), who lived at Fountain Head, Sumner County, Tennessee. This collection of papers is primarily correspondence between John M. Piper was a Sergeant with the 114th during World War I and was largely responsible for the activities of the association for fifteen years. Piper became ill and died in the early part of 1976. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] Seth Abbey was a sergeant in the 2nd Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry during the Civil War. The account books reflect that the store carried a great variety of merchandise, examples of which range from hardware to groceries, dry-goods, ready-to-wear, wire and cheese. Allen (1899-n.d.), Clerk and Master of the Rhea County Circuit Court. The correspondence is mostly from family members, friends, and professional colleagues. It is composed of accounts, addresses, cards, certificates, clippings, correspondence, genealogical data, notes (by Mrs. American Camping Association, Tennessee Valley Section, 1947-1984. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The American Camping Association, Tennessee Valley Section Papers are centered around the activities of the Association in Tennessee. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] Most of the papers are receipts, many of which are those of William F. Hooper, Joseph Mc Minn, Josiah Patterson, Malcolm R.

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School life at Tarbox, Wallace's School, and Vanderbilt University is described with comments about activities, teachers, and friends in these schools. Base camp was at Lai Khe, near Saigon, but the activities of his battalion took him near Quan Loi, Bu Dop, Di An, Song Be, and finally Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta and during his second tour was assigned to the 194th M. Company (attached to the First Signal Brigade), which was serving as a security force on Vung Chua Mountain near the city of Qui Nhon on the South China Sea coast. Bedford, planter, Panola County, Mississippi, were written to friends and acquaintances all over the United States during the years 1853 to 1867. The interviews concentrate on the political life of Frank G. Bunting was sent as a missionary to Texas by the Presbyterian Church in 1851, and served pastorates at La Grange, Columbus, and San Antonio, Texas, prior to the Civil War.

There are descriptions of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, the street cars, many Nashville homes and buildings which have disappeared, performances which took place in Nashville, Beersheba Springs, and numerous other interesting details. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This collection is composed of account books, cards, certificates, clippings, correspondence, genealogies, photographs, writings, and several miscellaneous items. The mountain served as a communications installation. They give an interesting and valuable picture of conditions in the area around the little town of Como in Panola County, Mississippi where he lived during the greater part of the period in which the letters were written. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Stephen Dean Boyd Interviews on Frank G. Clement, with occasional references to Clement's childhood. Clement served as Tennessee's governor from 1953-1959, and again 1963-1967. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Bradford Family Papers are centered around Frederick Bradford ( - 1866), Nashville, Tennessee, farmer. In 1861 he was made Chaplain of Terry's Texas Rangers, Eighth Texas Cavalry. Bunting's letters are in the University of Texas library.

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Ammons also took many photographs while in Vietnam. Most of his adult life was spent as a farmer and merchant in Sumner County, Tennessee. Items in the collection reflect Beard's interest in the Civil War, World War II, and the U. Nannie Seawell Boyd Collection Of Papers Relating To Montgomery Bell, 1853-1939. Boyd; some documents relating to Bell's colonization project in Liberia; and Bell's will and papers dealing with his estate. In 18 Bell sent two groups (about 100 individuals) of his slaves to Liberia, Africa. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The bulk of the Bills Family Papers are made up of accounts and correspondence belonging to Major John Houston Bills and his son Leonidas Bills with whom he operated the mercantile firm, J. These letters provide considerable information on the cotton industry during the antebellum years and even later during the turmoil of the Civil War and Reconstruction period. John's last letter was written from prison camp in Ohio. Bradley's tenure as Major General of the 3rd Division of Tennessee Militia. relating to a $10,000 requisition; and a printed broadside of the order of proceedings for the funeral of Aaron V. Also included in the papers are materials related to the 114th Field Artillery reunion organizations. Buckner's family papers, although primarily concerned with Alabama, offer a variety of interests in other areas since the correspondence comes from various sections of the country.

These are arranged chronologically and are primarily from his second tour of duty. Some of the clippings are not identified by date, author, or newspaper. The collection is composed of accounts, an account book, Civil War documents, land records, music, slavery items (bill of sale and list) and several miscellaneous items. The letters, approximately 50 in number, were written by John Barbee, an engineer and partner in the Cumberland Lumber and Transportation Company for the years 1886-1889. A few photographs and memorabilia make up the balance of the collection. Boyd's correspondence received includes such individuals as Judge John H. He provisioned them for six months, and in the case of one group he arranged for them to obtain ore land in Liberia to set up a furnace. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This collection of photographs was made by Robert Erskine Bell, Jr. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This collection contains the records of a blacksmith's shop in Williamson County, Tennessee (1815-1868), which was owned by Basil Berry. Of particular interest is a Civil War letter written by Leonidas Bills, October 23, 1864, to his sister while a prisoner-of-war on Johnson's Island. These are the Papers of Frank Bilotta, an Italian emigrant who lived in Nashville, Tennessee from 1911 to 1917 and worked as a cutter, tailor, and restaurateur. Other members of the family wrote about family news and business. Most papers pertain to the time at the beginning of and immediately preceding the Mexican War, when a call for volunteer troops was made. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Bransford Family Papers contain items belonging to Anthony Wayne Johnson, Major John S. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This finding aid covers the papers of Albert Sidney Britt (1888-1964), lawyer, trust officer, real estate broker and public official with the Home Owners Loan Corporation, and spans the years 1897-1944. This is a collection of 6 items: One letter, 1850, to Gen. Pillow concerning assistance in starting a newspaper sympathetic to the Democratic Party; one letter, 1858, to John Butterfield, president of the Overland Mail Company in St. Kincannon, regarding an opportunity to purchase land; an 1847 document from the U. The 114th field Artillery was mustered into federal service on July 25, 1917. After the Armistice on November 11, 1918, the 114th was sent to Luxembourg until the return home in march of 1919.

Other entries contain information about the journey from Ohio to Tennessee and the return trip. There are several family photographs, some genealogical data for the Adams, Eakin, and Ramage families. There are photographs of Penelope Johnson Allen as well as family, including members of the Everett, Gillespie, Johnson, Philips, and Whiteside families. American Jewish Community: Audio Recordings Of Presentations By Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus concerning the rise of Judaism in the United States. During his first tour, he was assigned to the First Infantry Division (the Big Red One) in Company A, 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry. Butler and a merchant and farmer of Fountain Head; various land records of Sumner County and land records regarding the Fountain Head Methodist Episcopal Church South; genealogical data including Xerox copies of the will of Aaron Butler (ca. A November 6, 1866 letter from Watson to his Texas family gives a detailed description of the Civil War experiences of family members and friends in Tennessee, especially mentioning deaths of acquaintances in the Sumner County area.

The collection also contains clippings, maps of areas in Tennessee and Virginia, orders, and a photocopy of a partial roster of soldiers in the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Additionally, there is a typewritten volume entitled "Notes of Nashville, 1895-1915"-- the memoirs of Adam G. These Memoirs contain many interesting items about the growth and development of Nashville, physically, culturally, and socially during this period. These recordings were made at The Temple in Nashville, Tennessee. He began his service with the rank of PFC E-3, receiving promotions to SP/4 in March 1968 and to Sgt. He was made a rifleman, carrying the M-79 grenade launcher. 1782-1848), pioneer settler in Sumner County; a biographical sketch [source unknown] of his son, Oliver Porter Butler; records of 2 family Bibles (7 pages) of Butler family members; and a typed pedigree chart of William F. There is also a set of family group sheets showing the connectivity between the Byrns and Watson families.

Moore, and a militia commission for William Williams, Bedford County, 1832.

After graduation, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee and married Mr.


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