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It is very easy for this group to put graphic displays on the TV to help get their point across.

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“For myself, I am made uneasy be the third trimester abortions, which take place when the fetus could live outside the mother’s body, but I also know that these are rare and often done on very young girls who have had difficulty comprehending the realities of pregnancy.

It seems to me that the question of late abortions should be decided case by case” (Gordon, 224).

I would like to first point out the fact that abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the United States.

The progressive left stands strong on the argument that women deserve the sole right to decide on abortion.

Since abortion is a very touchy topic and is based on moral issues, our perception is constantly changing.

With the help of the media the anti-abortion group is one step ahead.I feel strongly that banning abortion and possibly jeopardizing a woman’s entire future should not be permitted.Although Robert George defends the position of anti-abortion he clarifies the thoughts of the pro-abortion side very thoroughly in saying, “In contrasting the pro-life advocate with the pro-choice advocate by depicting (only) the latter as viewing abortion as ‘a decision to be made in accordance with the best scientific opinion as to when the beginning of life…occurs’ (George 217).The most important point that needs to be understood is early abortion is a legal procedure.Abortion can not be debated upon whether it is legal or not.“Anti-choice proponents can offer pastel photographs of babies in buntings, their eyes peaceful in the cameras gaze.In answer we can’t offer the material of an early abortion, bloody amorphous in a paper cup, to prove that what has just been removed from the mother’s body is not a child”(Gordon, 224).If a woman took the bloody matter-indistinguishable from a heavy period-of an early miscarriage and insisted upon putting it in a tiny coffin and marking its grave, we would have serious concerns about her mental health.”(Gordon, 223). When woman we know have a miscarriage it is unlikely for them to be destroyed.It is an unfortunate occurrence but not a wrong doing that causes heartache.The discussion of miscarriage and deciphering at what point someone can declare a fetus human, is one of the biggest arguments of abortion.I believe that third trimester abortions should be banned.


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