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It seems that there is a direct correlation between employee communication and profitable operations of an organization.

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This is one reason why, generally speaking, groups form on the basis of intellect similarities so that the group members are at a similar level of thinking and communicating. Proper communication eliminates delays, misunderstanding, confusion, distortions and bottlenecks and improves coordination and control.

The communication cannot be understood by all members if some members of the group are highly intelligent or highly technical and others are not. It is a basic tool for motivation and improved morale.

Communication can be defined as "the process by which a person, group or organization (the sender) transmits some type of information (the message) to another person, group or organization (the receiver)".

It is only through communication and transmitting meaning from the sender to the receiver that ideas can be conveyed and discussed. Ways and means of improving efficiency and productivity. All aspects of industrial safety, health and welfare.

Studies conducted by Gary Benson, through a survey questionnaire sent to personnel managers of 175 of the largest companies in Western States in America indicated that written and oral communication skills are critical not only in obtaining a job but also in performing effectively on the job.

The questionnaire contained some questions regarding the factors and skills that are most important in helping graduating business students obtain employment.

The scope for a two-way means of consulting and exchanging facts, opinions and ideas between management and employees pertain to the knowledge of: i. Communication can be defined as "the process by which a person, group or organization (the sender) transmits some type of information (the message) to another person, group or organization (the receiver)".

It is a meaningful interaction among people so that the thoughts are transferred from one person to another in such a manner that the meaning and the value of such thoughts is same in the minds of both the sender of the communication as well as the receiver of the communication.

All other management functions involve communication in some forms of directions and feedback.

Effective management is a function of effective communication.


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