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Novels written by profound authors that all link to a common thread: L.

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The protagonist Rick Deckard (even the name resonates with the same consonantsas the author's) must track a group of escaped androids and retire—or kill, depending on your perspective—these fugitives from justice.

The latest generation of androids, the Nexus-6, are indistinguishablefrom human beings, which makes their identification and eliminationchallenging.

The storyline revolves around androids being almost identical to humans and the question of what it means to be empathetic and whether that allows someone to be valued as a living thing.

The protagonist in the story, Rick Deckard, soon learns that androids may be capable of empathy while humans may be completely devoid of it, a realization that changes his understanding of himself.

Dick is now considered a seminal figure of the1960s, but only with the benefit of hindsight.

Few writers experienced more vividly the long, strange trip of the1960s than Philip K. Finding a suitable natural habitat in Berkeley, the epicenter of the zeitgeist, he experienced alteredstates of consciousness, some fueled by drugs others of his owncreation. Timothy Leary, the high priest of LSD, even made afan phone call to Dick in 1969, but the sci-fi author wasn't especiallyloyal to acid.Do you ever wonder how an author comes up with the idea for a novel?This is the first in a series of blogs to ask that question, “What inspired the author?I could tell you this, and many other impressivethings about Mr. But I'm not sure whether any of them would be true.I've seen this book discussed in works of philosophyand, at the opposite end of the spectrum, celebratedas a high point of 1960s campy escapist entertain-ment.”—delving into the backstory of classic and memorable novels starting with Philip K. ”It is by no accident that this series first appears in the month of October, leading up to the national day of horror—Halloween.This and subsequent articles will reference novels of horror and dystopia; novels that make you you out of your wits, either through immediate frightening chills from demons and monsters or through a prospective future that is unimaginably dark and inhuman.Of course, all of the high-flung praise came after the fact.After Signet released a cheap paperback edition of ) and itsemergence as a classic literary text came only gradually, over aperiod of decades.In one of the journals, a Nazi officer complains about not being able to sleep because he was “kept awake at night by the cries of starving children.” Instead of empathizing with their suffering, the officer only saw them as a nuisance that disturbed his sleep.That one line had a deep impact on Dick who thought, and the crux upon which his reflection of life hangs.


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