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Thus, we have a complex network of interconnected food chains called a food web.

For example, a snake might feed on a mouse, a lizard, or a frog.

Food Chain is a feeding hierarchy in which organisms in an ecosystem are grouped into nutritional (trophic) levels and are shown in a succession to represent the flow of food energy and the feeding relationship between them.

The directional flow of food energy from one organism to another is graphically represented by arrows.

An animal that eats the primary consumer is referred to as a secondary consumer.

This continues with third consumer, fourth consumer, fifth consumer, etc...

These are the simple nutrients that plants require to create organic compounds.

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To begin with, producers are at the bottom, or primary level of the food chain, therefore all organisms higher on the food chain depend on them either directly or indirectly. Plants play the most important part in the cycle of nature and life. They are the primary producers that sustain all other life forms.


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