Essay On How To Make A Better Place

Essay On How To Make A Better Place-54
I Changing the World For this assignment I was asked to write a report on someone who has changed the world, or at least the town.

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Social media allows the public to be part of the innovation and I want to facilitate that interaction by linking people and organizations through communication and media.

I will be a 54-year-old graduate and I hope to show others my age that the internet and social media are networking and marketing tools for any age.

The information provided on Greenpeace projects that have succeeded helps give off the impression that they have ways to make the world a better place.

It also convinces people who are not a part of the organization to consider joining it.

I think people are not only facing problems with wealth, but diseases, and war.

These are also problems that many people in many other countries also face.

As a result, those children could become terriers and increases national security to developed countries.

To solve these problems, people who live in developed countries should support their governments and stand up for their beliefs.

When my mother saw beggars standing on the intersection asking for help, my mom would try to help them by giving them the money, but my father would argue that you should not help because this would only encourage them to rely on other people’s help.

My father says they should helped by the government, instate of helped by individuals. I disagree with both of them because they do not look at or think about the problem closely enough.


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