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The first premise is that the environment’s role in the cycle of life is that of a provider, wherein all possible forms of energy and sustenance derive.

The first premise is that the environment’s role in the cycle of life is that of a provider, wherein all possible forms of energy and sustenance derive.

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If you do not agree with me, or hold any doubts about the seriousness of our ecological situation, just google “global ecological crisis” or any similar string of words and read a few of the articles. Yet the norm ignores it—or simply doesn’t place it at that high of a relevance in their lives.

And to me this makes sense, because the reality of what we’re doing is horrible—and because there is no other planet to which we can realistically escape.

When you can’t be bothered leaving your bed, you don’t think about the experiences you can have in this world.

You don’t take notice of the true beauty it brings, instead you overlook it and all you see is cold mornings and school. Then you would have wished you appreciated it more.

It is normal for people to live lives of tunnel vision—of work, home, food, debt, family, politics, entertainment.

It is also normal for people go on having children to keep themselves happy, and normal to dump these global problems into their children’s laps.By examining the interactions of the environment and the living creations that reside within, one is able to examine and define the type of relationship in place between nature and the creatures of the world.Upon first glance, one will notice that the fundamental roles of the environment and the creatures within respectively are that of a cyclical reciprocity wherein the environment serves as a primary provider in a great cycle of life and death, a cycle that all of the living creatures, especially humans, are a part of on a daily basis.We wreak ecological havoc through our unsustainable farming, logging, mining, fishing, and exploitation of the world’s other natural resources.We are making our home unlivable not only for ourselves but for the millions of other animal and plant species with whom we share it.It is by this process of comporting to the environment that becomes the predication on which a species’ evolutionary track progresses, towards prosperity and towards stagnancy.It has been refuted by many, but accepted by most that it is due to a harmonious and contemporaneous existence between the environment and those who depend on the environment that results in the prolonged existence and evolution of a species.- For thousands of years the environment stayed close to its natural state, exerting its influence on living forms.But in the past century, things have changed drastically as human beings have altered the paradigm of the environment.You never realise how much you take for granted until you’ve lost it.Pollution is destroying our planet, through our air, water and land.


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