Essay On Population Control Policies

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Predictions have been made that by the year 2075' there will be 12 billion people.

The major question asked by concerned people is "Is our planet able to provide a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, which we are all custom to, and can it, be for twice as many people in the future?

Others argue that technology and new inventions will fix and solve our population problems and that the population growth is slowing down.

As of October 1999', the world obtained 6 billion people.

Over the economists have argued whether overpopulation has a positive or a negative effect.

In 1826 an economist named Thomas R Malthus created a population growth model that stated “the population growth can reduce the output per capita because population increases at a geometrical rate while production rises at an arithmetic rate so that output growth rate cannot keep the same pace.” Robert M.

Population growth also leads to higher total consumption demand for goods and services.

Impact on the Earth and its resources: India’s increased population impacts the environment and its resources negatively.

India’s current population is 1.2 billion people with 29% being 14 years old or younger.

It has a 1.28% population growth rate (91st world wide).


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