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Example: While quite different in their function and format, all of the following are records: the minutes of a meeting documenting decisions; an invoice requiring payment; an email approving expenditure; a letter of complaint, a regularly updated database of student information; a formal research grant application; a legal contract; a spreadsheet of external contacts; a podcast of a lecture; a photograph taken at a graduation ceremony for use in promotional materials.A master record is the definitive copy of a record held by the 'records owner'.I think Mudzuri deserve respect as a senior member and Vice President of the party.

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Duplicate records are copies of the master record held by anyone other than the records owner - these should be destroyed once they are no longer required.

Example: A committee member who receives the minutes of meetings holds a duplicate record rather than the master record.

Mudzuri was simply discharging his duties assigned by the MDC in parliament.

I believe Hwende and party must be disciplined for disrespecting the party vice president in public which resulted in Mudzuri ridiculed party supporters yesterday.

A master record could be a letter, a document, an email, a spreadsheet, a database - indeed, pretty much any format in which information can be held.

However, where identical electronic and paper copies of a record exist, the default position is that the paper copy is deemed to be the master record.CHAMISA IS NOW CAPTURED BY BITI By Etiwel Mutero I like the petition by MDC Alliance unveiled at a party demonstration in Harare yesterday and presented to the parliament, Mnangagwa, SADC and African Union.I support the MDC Alliance and its President Nelson Chamisa but I am against two things; the ill-treatment of a senior member of the party and VP Mudzuri yesterday and few days ago, and the demand for a National Transitional Authority.For sensitive electronic records you should consider the use of encryption or password protection.Further advice on information security, including how to minimise the threat of breaches and guidance on the University's formal policies in this area, is available on the Information Security webpages.This applies equally to master, duplicate and transitory records - a letter containing confidential information is still confidential even if you only have a duplicate copy.One of the simplest ways in which to securely store your electronic records is to never reveal your IT Services password to anyone else.If you are unsure about whether you hold the master record, you may have to make some investigations amongst colleagues and your line manager to find out if the copy you hold is the definitive master record and therefore that you are the records owner for these purposes.If you are still in doubt having exhausted this process, please contact the Governance Office for advice.Transitory records, meanwhile, are records of purely ephemeral value which do need not be retained for any particular period and should be destroyed periodically to keep offices and computer servers free of unnecessary and redundant material.Example: A draft letter annotated with minor suggestions and typographical corrections is a transitory record and may be destroyed as soon as the changes have been incorporated into the final version.


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