Essay On When I Was Stuck In Traffic Jam

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I went to New Market to take birthday a cake for my younger sister. Reckless driving, disobeying of traffic rules and overtaking other vehicles are some of the causes of traffic Jam.

Last week, I was trapped in a heavy traffic jam in front of the City College on Mirpur Road.

If this already happened before you posted your question, you might have to accept this as a case of life happening to you.

Hopefully your question is hypothetical, and it’s a good one.

You can determine how much the airline will agree to compensate you for getting involuntarily bumped, lost luggage, acts of God, and other topics guaranteed to raise your blood pressure. If you’re stuck in a meeting, or trying to soak up that last bit of sunlight on the beach, set a hard stop for when you have to leave for the airport.

Trust us: All that stress racing to catch your plane isn’t worth it.To lead the country to the path of development we should be careful to solve the problem of traffic Jam.Dear students, the article published here are related to the Traffic Jam essay, This Traffic Jam essay will be helpful for students and Children at the examination and school events.In my book, , I cover this and other travel nightmares in a chapter titled, “You are SO screwed—now what?”I’ve included an excerpt below that includes some possible solutions. First, the bad news: If you miss your flight because you arrived late, don’t expect sympathy if you do.In fact, you might be liable for the cost of your original flight, and be obligated to pay a small fortune to catch the next available flight. Now for the good news: Many airlines can and sometimes will waive fare rules and reservation change fees, if you need to rebook a flight that you missed for reasons outside of your or the airline’s control.And if your flight is canceled or diverted, or you’re stuck with a lengthy delay, you can choose to cancel your trip as a result.Just know it’s an unwritten policy that you won’t find on the airlines’ websites.The policy varies by airline, and they use it with discretion.If you’re traveling with carry-on luggage, that’s important, because otherwise, you could be forced to check your bag. For checked luggage, 45 minutes is the absolute bare minimum.And that could mean your bag might not make your flight. Anything less than that runs the risk of you either watching in horror as your plane leaves without you, or discovering your checked luggage didn’t make the trip.


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