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Our chances of succeeding either in work or social settings, or even with the opposite sex can be altered by maintenance of good hygiene.

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Dandruff - If you suffer from dandruff, try the various shampoos available.

If it's serious there are some medical treaments available that are not harmful to the skin - those containing zinc pyritheone or selenium sulphide are said to be the most effective. If left unattended, the lice grow large enough that you can actually see them moving(!

Smelly Feet - The feet contain lots of sweat glands.

If feet are confined in socks and shoes the sweat has nowhere to 'evaporate' and the skin bacteria will in effect attack to, causing that pungent'cheesy' aroma.

The best way to avoid persistent head lice is to wash your hair, leave a conditioner in and comb through with a fine tooth comb.

Do this at least once a week, then even if a couple of lice manage to find their way to your lovely locks, they will not be given the chance to lay eggs and multiply!Many people ‘forget’ to wash their hands after using the toilet or before handling foods; this can cause a great deal of illness and even death.By being well presented, clean and tidy, people can feel more confident, especially in social situations.) and the white eggs (nits) are also sometimes visible.You may also - but not always - experience itching.Think about each area individually and why hygiene is important (for health reasons as well as appearance).Hair and teeth are good places to start, together with those areas of the body that might smell or which are more prone to fungal/bacterial infections.Conversely though, too much cleaning with scented products or soaps can cause thrush - a yeast infection.The best hygiene for all the genital ares is to clean once or twice a day using mild soap and water. Get more specific information on areas of hygiene that you are concerned about at: Hygiene is best thing to take care of our health . So to make this wealth all time we should take care of personal hygiene.If you think your teeth are not white enough, try wearing different colours to make them seem brighter, avoid drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine, which are thought to stain them.If you're still convinced they're not white enough ask your dentist about treatments.


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