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One that was able to unite creativity and originality.

Rather like the same way the ‘invisible man’ uses the music of Louis Armstrong with the combination of the reefer to discover a rather unconventional way of listening to Armstrong’s music, thus in that way offering new ways of interpretation.

He took a sick leave as the War wound down in 1945 and moved with his wife to recuperate in Vermont.

He spent time reading Lord Raglan's The Hero which discusses African-American mythical and historical figures.

The Left also was a harsh critic, finding the novel to be pretentious and otherworldly. Over the years it has been awarded with numerous accolades, such as the Russwurm Award, National Book Award, Rockefeller Foundation Award, and Prix de Rome Fellowships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.Subsequently, in the early months of 1952, he published the Prologue of the novel in the Partisan Review.The complete novel was then published in April of 1952.He hit the yokel a hundred times while the yokel held up his arms in stunned surprise. The restriction imposed by science is overcome through the ability to analyze and interpret a situation differently.In the instance it was the yokel’s ability to step into the time frame of the prize-fighter and thus provide for a different strategy towards victory.It received favorable reviews by both white and black audiences, although it was also met with some negative reviews.Harsh criticism came from a minority of the Afro-American community who claimed that the novel displayed contempt toward blacks.Another element also cloaked in invisibility follows our unknown character throughout the novel, changing both beat and tempo as the novel develops.Rather like the invisible man, the ongoing musical beat that runs through out the invisible man’ may not be visible yet it is very clearly felt and heard.It is the distinct incorporation of the inflowing musical beat that allows for an interloping of ideas based upon the visible, the invisible and the creative with the novel.The main theme within the ‘invisible man’ is that of the more obvious theme of invisibility.


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