Essay Qualities Of Good Parents

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Every moment with your child is a teachable moment.

Make sure that when you’re disciplining your child that your aim is to teach them something as opposed to putting your foot down and making demands while proclaiming “because I said so!

Think of a child’s brain as a computer or phone that comes with pre-loaded software.

This pre-loaded software is a suite of extreme “fear”, “sadness”, “joy” and other powerful emotions.

A parent should strive to teach their children why they feel the emotions they feel and how to better understand and navigate the situation that has triggered such emotions.

Essay Qualities Of Good Parents

In these teachable moments we can guide our child toward mental growth.You should take the time to figure out what happened.Find out how they are feeling and let them know you understand why they feel the way they do.When it’s time to discipline your child for their actions, you must first determine why they are acting the way they are – it’s likely an emotional response to whatever is occurring around them. Sending them to their room will likely end the fight.However, teaching them how to properly discuss their issues and come to a fair agreement with their sibling allows them to develop important social skills.With this in mind, one of the best ways to train our children to become highly functional adults is to teach them important life skills.I’ll highlight four of the most important life skills but know that there are many more that a child should be taught. Nutrition is the most important life skill because it directly affects a child’s health and well-being.By using occasions such as these to teach your kids, you’re literally strengthening their brain and helping them to mature quicker.Another example would be when your child throws a fit when it’s time to shower or go to bed.There are several qualities that define a good parent.Whether you’re looking for characteristics of a good dad or characteristics of a good mom, this article will help you tremendously. If so, check out my article on how to be the best dad possible!


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