Essay Questions For Things Fall Apart

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At the same time, Achebe refused to romanticize traditional Igbo culture as a perfect "golden age"; Things Fall Apart also depicts morally questionable customs and inflexible attitudes in traditional, pre-colonial Igbo society, and voices perspectives (e.g.

through Obierika and Nwoye) critical of these customs and attitudes.

However, the cost of this is great, as he has broken an important taboo and will thus be denied the traditional rituals that he has fought so hard to preserve.

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Essay Questions For Things Fall Apart

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In "Chinua Achebe and the Invention of African Literature," an introductory essay in our text Things Fall Apart (ix-xvii), Simon Gikandi explains the many ways in which he believes that Chinua Achebe invented African literature when he published Things Fall Apart in 1958.

Achebe set out to appropriate and transform Western literary traditions (e.g.


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