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The patient deaths exposed a stunning case of medical oversight and alleged medical malpractice…

More on Ohio “Dozens of deaths prompt look at Ohio hospital regulation” (Modern Healthcare — April 18, 2019) Ohio [is] the only state that doesn’t license general hospitals….

Then, they declare that those same “safeguards” are “barriers.”] More on Colorado Washington State’s Latest Official “Death with Dignity Act” Report (July 2019) According to the Report: Doctor-prescribed suicide deaths increased by 25% in the last year. 8) Fewer than 10% of patients were referred for psychiatric/psychological evaluation. 12) In some cases, the duration of the doctor-patient relationship was under one week. 17) More on Washington 337 Californians took their lives in 2018 after receiving a doctor’s prescription for a lethal dose of drugs.

Official report for 2018 deaths, released in July 2019.

For a listing of all categories on this web site, see Site Map. And 20% of hospices had lapses serious enough to endanger patients….” “We live in a time when we don’t even think about booking a hotel without checking its ratings and reviews. ” More on Hospice “As seniors go into twilight years, some of them privately mull ‘rational suicide'” (Washington Post — June 23, 2019) The group gathered a few months ago to meet with Dena Davis, a bioethics professor at Lehigh University who defends “rational suicide” — the idea that suicide can be a well-reasoned decision, not the result of emotional or psychological problems.

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“Maine effectively legalizes assisted suicide” (CNN — June 13, 2019) The law “states that actions taken under the act should not be considered ‘suicide, assisted suicide, mercy killing or homicide under the law’ although the process outlined in the measure would effectively allow medically assisted suicide.” More on Maine, including text and analysis of law Bill introduced in New Jersey to repeal the state’s law permitting assisted suicide before bill permitting it goes into effect.

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics: Keep Them Simple Don’t settle for one of the boring, classic topics for topics for persuasive writing, such as abortion, euthanasia or gun control.

Good debate topics can be much easier to write about and more optimistic: Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics Do you think that your professor could use a good laugh while reading your essay?

More on Massachusetts “Terminally Ill Man Sues Hospital Over Aid-In-Death Medication” (Courthouse News — August 22, 2019) A terminally ill man [Cornelius Mahoney] and his doctor filed a lawsuit against the Centura Health Corporation for prohibiting its doctors from prescribing aid-in-dying medication…Mahoney can transfer hospitals but he doesn’t want to.

[Note: One of the “safeguards” promoted by assisted suicide advocates when campaigning for the Colorado law had been the fact that health care providers would be able to opt out of prescribing drugs for assisted suicide on the premises.


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