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While the threatened party may do what is required of them over the short term, they are likely to initiate an intense search for effective resistance strategies.

In some cases they may pretend that they are submitting to the demands of the party who is threatening them, while in reality they are doing as they wish and plotting for future revenge.

This resentment to force and the resulting backlash may serve to escalate conflict and lead to violent behavior on the part of those who feel they have been wronged, as the examples in the boxes on the right illustrate.

In many cases, the response to coercive force is far more intense than the initial provocation.

If this sort of cycle continues, conflict is likely to become increasingly destructive, especially if both sides have military force at their disposal.

In May of 2004, a group linked to al-Qa'ida released a video showing five of its members beheading an American businessman in Iraq, in what it said was revenge for the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail by US troops.Once the original "losers" gain enough power, they may seek revenge against the earlier "victors." Even without such violent confrontations, backlash can lead to costly and rapidly escalating arms races, in which both sides devote an ever-greater proportion of their resources to a desperate effort to make sure that they have the power needed to defend themselves or at least deter the threatening actions of opponents.In all of these situations, the result is continuing conflict rather than resolution.The likely result would be widespread resentment and hostility toward the police and government in general.Similarly, because the use of military force for conquest is widely seen as illegitimate, it is likely to produce an intense backlash effect.(This topic is discussed extensively on the section on integrative systems.) Rather it must be used to obtain ends that are deemed widely legitimate, which cannot be obtained in any other way.In general, it is more desirable for force to be administered locally by forcing parties with similar cultural traditions, which are acting on behalf of the larger community.VAGABONDS texts must be radical, must be rigorous and must be resonant, aimed at breaking with convention and offering new ideas that are in fruitful dialogue with the key social justice struggles of our age.The series is named in honour of all those dispossessed people–commoners, fugitives and Indigenous–whose chosen or unchosen routes and passages were and are criminalized by the powerful. Ri VAL, the Re Imagining Value Action Lab, publishes VAGABONDS a series of peer-reviewed occasional working-papers aimed at activating and exciting the radical imagination.Seeking to escape the confines of academic publishing, we issue VAGABONDS in print in pamphlet form, on for online reading, and in audio/podcast form for online and off-line listening.


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