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We are still standing in Once formulated by Marcel Mauss as the most fundamental requirement for Ethnology was also a polemic against the reveries of the studio, the models of the laboratory and the gedankenexperiment of the office.The following series will be worked out ‘en plein air,’ just as Mauss claimed.The forest is no longer Eichendorff’s one-dimensional text, searching itself in the circumjacent abysmally dark “other”.

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Poetry, the qualitative translation of the immediately lived into the linear form of a text, allows a gaze upon the German subject.

The text masses of the self-searching poet are written amid the forest-words.

I was going to be able to eat this week, but after having spent the past 14 years of my life getting a bachelor’s degree in English, getting a master’s degree in creative writing, and starting my own entertainment company, I was going to be a janitor.

I must have missed the memo: A 2014 study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research revealed that an incredible 55.9 percent of black recent college graduates were “underemployed” and working in a position that didn’t require a four-year college degree.

An adaptive feedback-system investigating itself via precise quantification.

If the trees show signs of disease or age they can easily and directly be felled by a grubbing company.

We drive by: brutalist social housing complexes, hardware stores, tree nurseries, beverage stores.

A few notes from the brown journal: the gaze is infinite, loses itself in the landscape (associations with Northern Germany, although there the fields and forests are woven into each other – here it is more separate).

How does one stand in a contractual relation to a forest? As soon as it has bought all the options the forest becomes proprietor of and sole shareholder of itself, basically an autonomous agent. The data feeding the algorithm is generated through self-observation.

This is to be done via remote-sensing: Drones, programmed to fly over the forest in regular intervals, taking satellite pictures of it (fig. These satellite images, s self-portraits, are then to be analysed for spaces ready for clearing that would not endanger the tree population.


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