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This paper, thus, explores a set of criteria which is acceptable to the general public for a website about diseases and disorders.For my case, I chose a set of three criteria for National Institute of Mental Health website giving information about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is a disorder typical of behavioral symptoms associated with inactiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity (Asherson, 2013).At the bottom of the contest sheet, please record the essay that best explores issues of difference and inequality.

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Some websites owners are mainly concerned with aesthetics, for instance those websites involved with advertisements.

Some website owners, however, do not only focus on how their websites look but more on what they are trying to accomplish (Turban, 2016).

As a result, we are looking for essays that examine matters such as race, sex, gender, class, nationality, and so on.

The essays do not have to explicitly analyze issues of difference and inequality; they can include those essays that are attentive to issues of power and how power is exercised in cultural situations.

COMPARE Write about (usually) two things which have certain similarities but with some crucial differences. EXAMINE Look at carefully; and analyse IN WHAT WAY Explain how and say why TO WHAT EXTENT How far do you agree with..., How true is ...

JUSTIFY Give good reasons for; explain satisfactorily STATE Express carefully, fully and clearly OUTLINE Give a short description of the main points DISCUSS Express your own view on an issue supporting it with evidence from other sources.This, thus, means websites giving information about diseases and disorders should be owned by individuals or agencies with vast knowledge in the medical field.For instance a website about a given disease cannot just be written by a journalist who could be trying to make fun out of the issue.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay] When evaluating a website for authority check the website for authorship which will give us the information about who developed the website.Essay writing is a valuable exercise which supports the development of your writing technique and helps you to develop your powers of argument and analysis.The general principles underlying all essay writing are: Assignment titles contain instructions about how you are expected to deal with the topic.Sometimes key instructions will appear explicitly, but at times they may well be implicit.Whatever the case you need to identify the approach required.Clearly cross-examine the website’s contact information, for instance, phone numbers, email addresses and if possible fax number.Also check for credentials of the author which includes qualifications and whether they have got authority to present that particular information.The three criteria are outlined as follows; authority, prevalence and accuracy.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder being a disease condition, which to my view is a problem to mankind, ought to be addressed well with no misinformation.


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