Essay Writing Skills In Ielts

Keep doing this consistently while getting feedback on your writing, and you will see your writing skills improvewithin a couple of weeks.

During the IELTS exam, try to follow all the instructions.

You could contact someone who has already secured a good score in the exam, or ask for help from a teacher or friend who has a sound grip on the English language or is a native speaker.

The idea is not so much to impress the reader, but to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses.

I took IELTS 2 times: The first time: no relaxing, I tried to do more practice tests right before the test day.

As a result, I couldn’t concentrate on the test and the result is: L:5.5 ; R:7.0 (don’t mention about W and S here because it depends mostly on examiners)The second time: 2 weeks after the first time, that means when I received the first result, I had to take the test the day after.Some structures might be used in the task 2 as well.4. I don’t care how difficult the test is, I don’t care how little time you have got. On the contrary, it will make you feel stressed and less confident. For example: no abbreviations, no 1st and 2nd pronoun or possessive (I, you, me, my, your), except in conclusion where you have to state your opinion.9.If you have been asked to write 250 words, make sure you are not writing 350. It is alright to be over or under the limit by around 20-30 words, but don’t push this boundary too far.Also, don’t just start writing as soon as you read the question.Once you know which aspects of your writing skills require most attention, the challenge becomes easier. But I still urge you to write as often as you can in the months before taking the IELTS exam.Don’t worry about not having any good ideas to write about. Transcribing your daily activities into words at the end of the day is more than enough.But this time I felt relaxed since I knew I got 6.5 overall in the first test.And here is the second result: L:6.5 ; R:7.5I believe in a short period of time (two weeks), I couldn’t improve that much.Moreover, the second test was considered to be more difficult. There are more examples I could mention to prove this point, but it would be wasting your time. Forget about them to relax, and believe in yourself.In my previous posts, I attempted to shed some light on how you could do well in the reading, listening and speaking sections of an IELTS exam.


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