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On Wednesday, April 17, author Aisha Sabatini Sloan read selected works in Founders Hall.Sloan was brought in as part of this year’s Voices in the Valley.HE IS WEARING A JERSEY FULL OF HOLES WITH NUMBER 1 ON ITS BACK.

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STRANGER If you try being friendlier maybe you wouldn't be so lonely here, among the graves.

STRANGER (HOLDING THE FLATTENED BALL) You should have a better ball.

This essay detailed her trips to Italy both as a kid and an adult.

Her maternal grandfather was from Italy, but she never got to meet him since he had disowned her mother for moving out before she was married, something Italian women weren’t supposed to do. You’re going to have to pay for the funeral,” Sloan read.

I was wondering if there's somebody left in the village. He's dying now and asked me to bring something back from the house, after he left.

Some idiot who didn't read the sign that said minefield is now decomposing. STRANGER Far from here, from Canada, you're the dummy. She was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for her novel Persian Nights in 1988. “Faire la bise”At this moment, David Sedaris discusses the “bisous,” the French greeting of an air-kiss on each cheek.Depending on the region in France there can be as many as 2 to 5 air-kisses given!The long research process is why she switched to shorter essays in her second book, as they require less research and time.She encourages writers to be creative with how they do research. Charlie Hebdo David Sedaris and Bénédicte de Montlaur discuss “Charlie Hebdo,” referring to the 2015 terrorist attacks on the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. Amy Sedaris David Sedaris briefly mentions his sister, Amy Sedaris, an American actress, comedian, and writer who currently voices the character of Princess Carolyn on Netflix’s Bo Jack Horseman.David and Amy have collaborated on a variety of projects together. David Sedaris’s French village The French village David Sedaris refers to is re, a tiny village just South of Caen. David Sedaris & Japan Sedaris refers here to the three months that he spent living in Japan.She has authored of two books of essays, “The Fluency of Light” and “Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit.” Sloan normally reads essays from her second book, “Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit,” because they are shorter.However, at this event, she chose to read “The Strong Man and a Clown,” an essay from her first book.His time there is detailed in his essay, Quitting Smoking in Japan. David Sedaris’s French Lessons David Sedaris writes about his time in France and his experience learning the language in his collection of essays, Me Talk Pretty One Day.One of the essays, Jesus Shaves, takes place in the French class he mentioned, as he recounts one class in which the students try to explain (in French) what Easter is to their Moroccan classmate.


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