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So you’re at a party, and someone says something ignorant.And while you know that they’re in the wrong, and that you could totally engage them and win if you were a bit more prepared, your words escape you.

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You know how many people have died from a marijuana overdose? The largest-ever study of marijuana’s affect on the lungs concluded that there is "no association at all" between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that smoking weed may even offer some protection against cancer.

While there are studies suggesting that teenage marijuana use results in lower IQ, that’s a reason to set the legal age to smoke at 21, not a reason to make the drug illegal for everybody.

If you’re looking for logic in federal drug laws, don’t. Common Argument #6: Marijuana doesn’t have any legitimate medical applications. There are many studies backing this up, but we’ll just look at one.

In 2010, the University of California Center For Medicinal Cannabis Research conducted the first clinical trials on the effect of smoked marijuana in over two decades, looking particularly close at marijuana’s affect on neuropathic pain.

Overdosing on alcohol can kill you, as can the drug’s withdrawal symptoms (it’s a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t sort of thing).

The Center for Disease Control attributes around 37,000 deaths every year to alcohol (not including accidental deaths), while prescription drugs kill one person in the United States every 19 minutes. The CDC doesn’t even have a category for marijuana-related deaths.That document was a letter, written in 1971 by Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. It read, in part: Since there is still a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant and effects of the active drug contained in it, our recommendation is that marijuana be retained within schedule 1 at least until the completion of certain studies now underway to resolve the issue. Marijuana was classified under schedule I due to a lack of evidence that it was harmful, not an abundance.The original plan was for it to remain under Schedule I only until the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse released its recommendations as to how to proceed.Should every ingestible substance with the potential for harm be made illegal?And marijuana is nowhere near as bad for you as cigarettes and alcohol, both of which are legal.When that commission subsequently concluded that there wasn’t any medical basis for banning marijuana and suggested that it be decriminalized, then-President Richard Nixon ignored the recommendation, and the drug remained illegal.Not to mention, federal drug scheduling in the United States makes precisely zero sense anyway.That being said, marijuana’s legal status makes it very difficult to study its health effects, seeing as most such studies are illegal under federal law.Common Argument #5: There is a reason why Marijuana was made illegal in the first place. Let’s start by looking at the document that caused marijuana to be placed in Schedule I, the federal category reserved for drugs with the highest potential for abuse.Common Argument #1: Marijuana impairs judgment and makes people act recklessly.Your Response: In that case, you must also support banning alcohol, right? Here’s what the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences has to say about marijuana as a “gateway drug:”In the sense that marijuana use typically precedes rather than follows initiation of other illicit drug use, it is indeed a “gateway” drug.


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