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Here’s how: Write the question across the top of a piece of paper.

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Here are 5 simple tips to help you write the best essay possible.

Consider the question “Who has been the greatest influencer on your life, and why?

A good outline serves to organize your thoughts and makes your paper very efficient.

The required length of your scholarship essay will vary depending on the specific requirements of the competition.

(Set a timer if that will help.) Don’t judge, just jot.

Essays For Scholarship

Go through your brainstorming pages and circle any viable responses.

You got a list of 16 solid leads and now you are rushing to write a dozen and a half essays before the deadlines pass you by. But then, you’d be surprised by the scores of candidates who fail to answer (or even address) the question at hand.

Before you jump in with both feet, take a few minutes – or more – to get to know the organization that sponsors each scholarship. Or the ones who write 600 words, when the application asked for 150.

If you are applying for college scholarships, you are probably knee-deep in paper right now.

Your SAT scores, high school transcripts (or undergrad, if you’re applying to graduate school), letters of recommendations, applications forms, and of course, the dreaded scholarship essay.


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