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Some cases made household names of murdered children: Delcelia Witika, sexually abused and beaten to death by her caregiver in 1991; Craig Manukau, killed in 1992; Riri-O-Te-Rangi (James) Whakaruru, murdered in 1999; Saliel and Olympia Aplin, stabbed to death in 2001; twin babies Chris and Cru Kahui, who died in 2006 after suffering massive brain damage; Nia Glassie, who suffered ongoing abuse before her death in 2007.All such images are automatically deemed objectionable under the act and any person found distributing or possessing them is committing a crime.

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Child abuse remains in the public eye through high-profile and tragic cases.

One of the first highly publicised child abuse cases occurred in 1987.

In this paper, I will be discussing some of the common physical, as well as psychological consequences of domestic violence in women. In addition, it is also imperative that physicians be trained and mandated to screen female patients for signs of domestic abuse, and be more sensitive to the frightening situation abused women find themselves in.

I will also be discussing how women in rural areas are uniquely affected by domestic violence.

Unfortunately, it has taken lawmakers too long to recognize domestic violence as a devastating situation that affects millions of people both physically and emotionally.

Domestic violence affects not just people, but businesses as well.Some of the more extreme claims had been dropped by the time of the trial, such as those involving satanic rituals or cannibalism, but the case polarised New Zealanders.Controversy raged while Ellis served his prison term, and after his release in 2000.Separate police inquiries uncovered systematic sexual abuse of boys by one of the Marist Brothers.The case was covered by newspapers throughout the country.A review of the case revealed many problems in the way various agencies responded to the signs of repeated or suspected abuse.The case, and the review, had a major impact on how government social workers would respond to abuse in the future.The Brothers retreated from the orphanage in 1912 after further cases of sexual abuse.From the late 1980s the alleged sexual abuse of children came to public attention.Domestic violence results in high turnover and absenteeism at work, extended sick leave, and losses in productivity (Jones 12).The financial cost of domestic violence on business productivity helped facilitate government intervention towards addressing domestic violence, and encouraged laws protecting victims of this type of abuse.


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