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When it comes to their values and their perception of health these aspects tend to be more over-simplified. The Healing Heart for Families: Storytelling to Encourage Caring and Healthy. The rest of the report will be important information about the family members identified in the genogram. Sveinbjarnardottir, E., Svavarsdottir, E., & Wright, L. What are the benefits of a short therapeutic conversation intervention with acute psychiatric patients and their families? International Journal Of Nursing Studies, 50(5), 593-602. The extended family consists of the Schelley's two married daughters, their husbands and their…… The entire family just views health as the absence of disease: this is problematic because the entire family…… This information will include three generations of information, each family member being identified, the family relationship involved, the current age of the person (or age at death), the martial/relationship status of……

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All member of the family interviewed for this assignment agreed to participate but their names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

The CFAM is an integrated conceptual framework developed by Wright and Leahey for use when interviewing and making assessment of families.

Running Head: FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT Family Health Risk Assessment Paper Tynette Miller Submitted to Dr.

Sarah Combs in Partial Fulfillment of NR478 Community Health Nursing Practicum Regis University April 3, 2013 2 FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT A comprehensive family assessment provides a foundation to promote family health, Edelman & Mandle, C. This assessment of family health offers many approaches that involve getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of the family.

Their social risk is high due to inadequate of recreation or health gyms noted in the Harvey’s community.

The community was not noted for major pollution or high levels of noise.According to the Partners Asthma Center (2010), asthma is considered to be hereditary. As a result, she developed asthma, along with her aunt, FH.Surprisingly, none of her parents developed this disease.According to Stanhope & Lascaster (2010), the family nursing assessment is the cornerstone for family This genogram (Fig.1-1) reveals a timeline of family history over 3 generations.The ecomap (Fig.1-2) will define the family relationships with other neighbors and friends.It also represents the family’s interactions with other organizations and groups that are created by using circles and lines (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2010).According to the family history, the Harvey family has a predisposition to develop hypertension and asthma.The remainder of this written assignment will focus on two separate situations wherein family assessment is invaluable. "Assessment of families for excess risk of lymph edema of the leg in a lymphatic filariasis-endemic area." The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Family Assessment Description of Family / Genogram Profile of Family The 'T' family has been chosen for the completion of this assignment. Today we are fast friends although I have returned to school to pursue a degree in nursing. Engagement The family needs to be approached carefully for two reasons. Where prior nursing practices emphasized on treating the medical reasons causing the illness, the new model focuses on providing a living environment to the patient who is conducive for him / her. Additionally, a number of the offspring have attained an age(s) that allows them the capability of reproducing, subsequently there are a number great-grandchildren as well (with additional buns in the oven as the term so…… A.; (2010) The wrong of rights: The moral authority of the family, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Vol. Gone are the days when only the father worked and the mother stayed home to look after the children. The family is suggested to have regular checkups and to take vitamins. The personal version of these two diagrams as authored and put together by the author of this report are shown in the appendix. Expressive functioning is related to communication such as emotional, verbal, and nonverbal communication, problem solving and roles within the family. The study will discuss diversity issues in relation to the social system. Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods: A contextual Approach, New York: Springer Crawford, (1999), Bilingual Education: History Politics, Theory and Practice, 23 July 2011, Rossa & Reitzes. The first article (Bower, et al., 2002) speaks of Alzheimer's disease and the second article (Cuenco, et al. "Synthesis of research findings regarding Alzheimer's disease: Part I, assessment and diagnosis. I enlisted her aid in a nursing theory project recently; her response was…… First Liz is a recently divorced mother who may not react well to…… The given research paper is based on the evaluation of a patient by using CFAM /…… Gone are the days when drug usage was not rampant, divorce prevalent, and saving for a rainy day a myth. Diversity within the family is expressed by those traits that cannot be changed (original gender, race, age) as well as those traits that are acquired and learned through an environmental setting (Tatum, 1997). Nutritional Metabolic Pattern of family shows that it has a healthy diet…… There will be some additional supporting and complementary information as well. Beliefs within the family are also a part of expressive functioning. Family life is being scrutinized, and a new definition of a family is emerging every day, but in simple terms a family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household, caring and supporting each other. “High rates of hypertension in African Americans may be due to the genetic make-up of people of the African race.Many experts have stated that high blood pressure can be a combination of both genetic, lifestyle, and environmental, but is more prominent in blacks than in whites” (Web MD,2013).


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