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in agreement with the appropriate disciplinary criteria; c. to provide and receive constructive criticism, and incorporate justified criticism by revising one’s own position; 3. to analyze and assess this literature with regard to quality and reliability; formulate on this basis a sound research question; 4. to explain clear and substantiated research results; 2.

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However, the nation-state only came into being some two hundred years ago and in 1945 the majority of the world’s population still lived in multi-ethnic empires.

In this course we will primarily focus on the way the nation-building process stimulated people to identify with the (new) nation-state.

In the New Republic online, Peter Beinart has written a not-to-be missed essay touting the successful nation building strategies the United Nations has been quietly developing without much fanfare here in the United States.

For the record, what Beinart calls “nation building” the United Nations would likely call “peace building.” But the intent is the same: to help restore national institutions in a country torn apart by conflict.

This happened through the introduction of national symbols, holidays and monuments, the extension of primary education, the introduction of military service et cetera.

Essays On Nation Building

However, this was not only a top-down process led by political elites.During the second part of the course the students will have to present the (preliminary) results of their own investigations based on a substantial amount of secondary studies on a very concrete topic, which they can choose freely (after consultation with the instructor).Additionally, the students will work through: The elective courses for International Studies are designed to teach students how to deal with state-of-the-art literature and research questions.The Security Council already approved missions for Lebanon, Darfur, and East Timor, which if implemented in full would increase the number of blue helmets across the globe by 50%.Financially supporting in full peacekeeping operations is critical.As Beinart notes, the UN has a capacity to oversee complex nation/peace building operations that is unparalleled by any government on its own; long serving expert staff in areas as diverse as justice sector development and election management makes the UN uniquely suited to take on these tasks in societies emerging from conflict.Peacekeepers are the core of these kinds of operations.Complicating matters is that the single largest financial donor to peacekeeping operations, the United States, is constantly in arrears.The United States has agreed to pay 27% of the costs of peacekeepers around the globe, but it never makes that amount in full.Seminars are held every week, with the exception of the midterm exam week. Total course load for this course is 10 EC (1 EC = 28 hours), this equals 280 hours, broken down by: To successfully complete the course, please take note that the end grade of the course is established by determining the weighted average.Students who have been active participants in class and submitted the final paper on time, but scored an overall insufficient mark, are entitled to a resit. Storm When contacting the lecturer, please include your full name, student number and tutorial group number.


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