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The nurses are the relevant people to push for these reforms through their associations or alliances e.g. The nurses hold the most influential position in driving for the necessary healthcare reforms; this is because of their numbers, expertise and also their positions.The evidence of these numbers is demonstrated by a statistical report which shows that in every 44 female voters in the US there is one nurse. Finally, there is evidence that there are 100,000 nurses in every congressional district (source: Leavitt, 2003).Given the position and the well earned respect for nurses by the American public (The Gallup poll has shown that nurses are top ranking when it comes to 'Honesty and Ethics in profession').

The supply of new nurses getting into the healthcare system is incomparable to the number of RNs demanded by the healthcare system (There are fewer RNs compared to the new ones getting into the market) It would be too general and maybe inaccurate to claim that the health care system is in need of more nurses but it would be accurate to point out the fact that the healthcare system is in need of highly educated and very professional nurses who are in tune with the ever changing health care industry (the technology, advanced medical practices et cetra).

The projection made by the US bureau of labour Statistics Statistics has estimated that there will be an increased need of more than one million new and replacement nurses by the year 2016.

The alliances create or result to the creation of a bigger impact.

Nurses must be very decisive in their approach to health care policies and this can be done through them taking an active role in making recommendations to health care bills when they are brought to the public for consultations.

The legislative process is a pivotal process that shapes the health care policy within the country.

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The US healthcare system requires a lot of influencing and lobbying in order to adopt or to implement the necessary health care reform policies.

Nurses must therefore move from the reactive response approach to a more strategically planned approach with regard to the changing healthcare policies.

Another role of a nurse in health policy is to understand these policies; this directly implies that nurses must know the people to influence, how to influence these people and the right time to influence these people.

They also form the largest number of healthcare professionals (are about 2.4 million).

There is a developing trend in terms of shortage in the number of qualified nurses; this has tampered with the efficient access to safe and quality health care.


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