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It may, therefore, be inferred that the cultural theory of crime being tentative and founded on social value considerations, can answer every behaviour whether criminal or non-criminal, and offer a satisfactory explanation for all crimes.

It must, however, be noted that if reliance is placed on free will’ concept of criminality, it will mean that every individual is free to act as he likes and under these circumstances, prevention of crime will be rather impossible.

Conversely, if the conditions which extenuate crime can be known, they can help in eliminating crimes or at least minimising them to a considerable extent.

The members of society tend to follow the norms prescribed for attainment of the particular goal.

In this effort, some persons succeed in exploiting their fellowmen while others deviate from the normal course of conduct and lend into criminality which is both harmful and offensive to society.

This implies the acceptance of laws of ’cause and effect’ in human behaviour and denial of the free will theory of the classical school.

The view that crime is a result of the interaction of multiple factors seems to be more logical to explain the crime causation.

He believed that crime and social disorganisation is an outcome of the accepted values of society.

Another criminologist Healy attributed emotional imbalances to crime causation thus accepting the influence of association on criminals.

This approach will perhaps be the most fitting contribution to the cause of penal justice. Merton, in his interesting study on social theory and social structure observes that social structure strains the cultural values considerably and when cultural regulation of behaviour weakens, it furnishes a breeding ground for criminality.

Referring to the problem of criminality in United States, Donald Taft aptly observed that criminal patterns are products of general culture and are vitalised by historical and social processes. Turk has asserted that social conflict and social disorganisation was an inevitable and unescapable part of social life.


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