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The essay is also well-organised, with a clear introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.Topic sentences lead the reader through the essay and there are good linking devices that are not too mechanical.

The modern man is curious to keep himself abreast with the latest developments in the ever-changing world.

He cannot enjoy his breakfast unless he has the morning edition of newspaper before him. Newspapers provide the views of people on various things.

This links in with the second reason, which is that as media companies start to see a drop income from newspapers, printing them will become unprofitable and they will be forced to find ways to make money from news online.

In conclusion, although newspapers remain popular today, they will gradually be replaced by the desire to read the news through electronic sources.

The views of great leaders and statesmen at the Press Conference or the public meetings appear in the newspapers.

The articles of great writers and thinkers and comments of popular statesmen on the political situations of the world, book reviews by great critics appear in the newspapers. The producers and the industrialists advertise their latest products in newspapers to attract buyers.The public can express their views freely through papers.The statesmen can also address the public through the papers and thus bring home to them their reflections.There are also many sections, such as amusement sections, advertisement section, games and sports section, editorial column, the magazine section etc. It helps us to be informed about the current events all over the world.When we feel tired or lonely, we often take up a paper for relief.In this internet vs newspaper essay you have to discuss whether you think reading from newspapers will stay more popular than reading the news online. You'll find they pick on topical issues, which is why you should keep up-to-date with the news!You could write about one side of the essay, for example stating that you think newspapers will remain more popular and then writing about the benefits of newspapers.However, though newspapers may not disappear completely, the Internet is likely to become the more dominant source of news over time.This is primarily because younger people tend to read the news online and prefer not to pay for it, so those reading newspapers, the older generations, will gradually decline.But there are two good reasons for making sure you discuss both reading newspapers and reading online.Firstly as both those issues are mentioned in the questions you don't want the examiner thinking that you haven't fully answered the question.


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